Veterinary update conference room


SATURDAY 22 - Room Barcelona

10.00 Musculoskeletal pathologies: beyond medication. Leticia Estudillo (INDIBA)
10.30 Is the urinary marking of dogs and cats suppressed with castration? Not always, but we can predict it. Dr. Jaume Fatjó (VIRBAC)
11.00 How can your laboratory help you on a day-to-day basis? Come and see our latest news! Luisa Murcia Giró (LABOKLIN) 
11.30 Are we missing cases? Detection of dental patients. Paula Vivas Regne (iM3 DENTAL)
12.00 New nutraceuticals Dr+Vet by Böthmen Pharma: Beyond ophthalmology. Gemma Juan Peñuela (DR+VET by Böthmen Pharma)
12.30 News 2022-2023 Karl Storz. Fausto Brandao (KARL STORZ)
13.00 Introduction to Alfaxan Multidose. Dra. Asunta de la Parte Autrán (JUROX)
13.30 K-Laser Therapy / Laser Therapy. Dra. María Suarez Redondo (AVANVET/K-LASER)
14.00 What would a dog say if he could talk. Lars Lund (KRUUSE)
14.30 Nutritional management of adverse food reaction in cats - What is new? Vesna Romih Zimsek (FARMINA)
15.00 Find out about CaixaBank's new value proposition for the veterinary sector. Pablo Gallo (CAIXABANK)
15.30 The value of veterinary work. Luis Sainz-Pardo (IVC EVIDENSIA)
16.00 Natura vet and arrobavet, regain confidence in nutrition. Manuel Suárez (DINGONATURA)
16.30 The first and only stem cell therapy for canine osteoarthritis. Ana Morcate - Almudena Pradera (NEFTYS PHARMA)
17.00 Find out how artificial intelligence can help you diagnose your patients. Eugenia Álvarez (SCIL)
17.30 DoctorVet laser therapy: animal welfare in the daily clinic. Dr. Antonio Espina y Celia Jerez (DoctorVet)



Access to this room is free for all visitors and delegates.