Behaviour Workshop


SPEAKERS: R. Kasey (UK), J. Fatjó (SPAIN) 
VENUE: FIBES II - Seville - Conference Venue
DATE: Friday 21 October
TIME: 14:30 - 18:30
LANGUAGE: Workshops are presented in English
SEATS: 20 (with a minimum of 10 participants)
FEE: 400€ (320€ if you also register to the SEVC Scientific Programme)

A key for a proper behaviour changes implementation. 
The behavioural interventions necessary to change an animal's behavour are well described for many problems, however implementation is not always successful. In this workshop we will consider the barriers facing clients that indicate what additional support they require or what other actions need to be taken before behaviour therapy can be begin. The session will be interactive and based in case-studies. We will use video extracts to indicate and to discuss what to look out (or more often listen out) for, which indicate how prepared clients are to implement your preferred treatment programme and what to do when there is no common ground.


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