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 Unique hands-on laboratory experience.

About us

Organised by:

Asociación de Veterinarios Españoles
Especialistas en Pequeños Animales

North American Veterinary Community

Conference Secretariat:

Paseo San Gervasio, 46-48, E7
08022, Barcelona
Telf. +34 932531522

SEVC2022 Board

Amalia Agut 57 Congreso Nacional de AVEPA - SEVC 2022 President
Paige Allen NAVC President (USA)
Harold Davis NAVC Elect President (USA)
Francisco Clemente (Spain)
Juan Jose Minguez (Spain)
Jordi Gine (Spain)
Colin Burrows (USA)
Dana Varble (USA)
Joaquin Aragonés (Spain)

SEVC2022 Scientific Programme Committee

Dana Varble (USA)
Colin Burrows (USA)
Francisco Clemente (Spain)
Nick Bexfield (USA)
Amalia Agut (Spain)
Ernie Ward (USA)

Programme Chair Person 2022

SEVC Programme Chair Coordinators Dana Varble, Colin Burrow (USA) and Francisco Clemente (Spain)

Behaviour - Jonathan Bowen (UK)
Dermatology - Lluis Ferrer (Spain)
Emergency and Critical Care - Nuno Felix (Portugal)
Feline Medicine - Albert Lloret (Spain)
Imaging - Federico Vilaplana (USA)
Nursing - Sergio Moya (Spain)
Nutrition - Marge Chandler (UK)
Ophtalmology - Ron Ofri (Israel)
Orthopaedics- Antonio Crovace (Italy)
Other Companion Animal - Jaume Martorell (Spain)
Pain Management and Anesthesia - Paulo Steagal (Canada)
Practice Management - Ernie Ward (USA)
Small Animal Medicine - Nick Bexfield (UK)
Surgery - Esteban Pujol (Spain)

Research Abstracts Coordinator

Francisco Clemente (Spain)

Executive Committee

Joaquin Aragonés - Executive Director (Spain)
Muriel Idelsohn - Speakers and Providers Coordinator (Argentina)
Gemma Soriano - Exhibition hall and sponsoring Coordinator (Spain)
Laura Llena - Registrations Coordinator (Spain)


Mission and vision

The Mission of the Southern European Veterinary Conference (SEVC) is to take the European companion animal veterinary community to the highest level of performance.

The Vision of the Southern European Veterinary Conference (SEVC) is to be the leading companion animal veterinary practice information and continuing education event in Europe.

To achieve these objectives, the SEVC will:

  • Organise state-of-the-art, innovative, hands-on, continuing education programmes, including workshops and small groups interactive sessions, based on current, practical scientific information that can be applied immediately to companion animal practice.
  • Display the latest products, services and equipment in the largest veterinary commercial exhibition in Europe.
  • Take place in one of the best conference facilities in Europe that will provide the ideal environment for an outstanding professional experience.